"Manifesting Advanced Developments"


(Est. 2021)

"Manifesting Advanced Developments"


(Est. 2021)

"Manifesting Advanced Developments"


(Est. 2021)

"Future Innovations Today"

About Us:



     Introducing MADLABZ LLC!, ...Newly launched in 2021 from the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. 

We are a private & confidential consultation service company customized to meet your needs.   :)


Specializing in;

  • -  Intellectual Property (IP) Research and Development
  • -  Process Improvement & Development
  • -  Technological Innovations & Deployment
  • -  Collective Think-Tank Strategies & Solutions
  • -  Personalized Confidential Consultation Services
  • -  Creative Solutions
  • -  Special Projects



*  Need the power of collective minds and brilliance on a unique project?

*  Need confidential project research and development customized for you?

*  Need process development or process improvement for increased efficiency?

*  Need new technology recommendations for acquisition and deployment?

*  Need uniquely personalized and confidential solutions on a special project?

*  Need creative solutions for a complex problem?


*  Need a MAD Scientist of sorts?              Then,...Get MAD!!    


~  Contact us today, and put the MADLABZ to work for you!   :)  ~


4833 Front St. Unit B #450
Castle Rock, Colorado


Phone:  (720) 595-7709


 Our Services:




If you need creative and abstract solutions for unique or novel problems,

you've come to the right place!  Creative ingeniuty and originality is our speciality. 

...Crazy MAD solutions exclusively from the MADLABZ!  :)





Whether you require technical support service, new technology recommendations, new process development, or private research and development, let us be your personal team of MAD scientists ready to solve any dilemma, no matter the differing fields of study or expertise. 


~ Sometimes you have to ask someone new in order to get new ideas,

...put the MADLABZ team to work for you!  :)




Process and scientific integrity, personal and personnel honesty, is our customer guarantee. we can earn your trust and confidence in our service value and recommendations.


Let us get crazy MAD on your project, and you can rest easy knowing creative

solutions are being developed for you exclusively from the MADLABZ!  :)




Your privacy matters.  Whether assisting on confidential projects, developing new technologies and Intellectual Properties (IPs), or providing novel strategies, ...your business remains your business.

We will never break our confidentiality agreements.


Awesome strategies, novel concepts, and developmental projects require security.

We use every precaution to ensure no sensitive data is shared externally, and would never disclose our customer identities without prior written consent.


~  Your privacy and security is a MADLABZ priority!  :)


* Please contact us directly for specialized MADLABZ services,
customized to meet your project demands.
Our Mission:


Our Vision & Goals:



    ~  Our inherent passion at MADLABZ resides in Research & Development (R&D)

for world innovations and technological solutions.

…Our goal is to change the world.  :)

     Through MADLABZ business collaborations & innovations, in-housed

Intellectual Property (IP) developmental projects, and charitable contributions,

we as an organization hope to have global positive impact in the following areas;


  • - Telecommunications & IT Networking
  • - Network & Device Security
  • - Environmental Conservation & Clean Renewable Energies
  • - World Political Reform & Human Rights Initiatives
  • - Social and Economic Inequities


Our Executive Team:



(Co-Founder & CEO):  Robert Smith - Serving as MADLABZ CEO and President. 


     Robert has over 30 years experience in the Telecommunications, Electronics, and Information Technology (IT) industries, with a primary focus on network maintenance, management, security, instrumentation, and new technology development. A creative visionary, writer, and inventor, his career path has been unique and unconventional, a professional anomaly.

     An American, a US Army Signal Corps veteran, and an Independent political reform activist, Robert has had many unofficial contributions to the US National Intelligence Community, and numerous other anonymous contributions and influences in the recesses of The Underworld & Underground since the 1990s.


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     Now co-founding MADLABZ, Robert is working to develop many personally conceptualized Intellectual Properties (IPs) and projects, and to publicly disclose many exclusive strategies and proposed process improvements to help promote a better community, nation, and world.  ….It’s time to get MAD!!  :)




(Co-Founder & CFO):  Constance Smith -  Works as a professional Executive Administrative Assistant for a leading Heath Care Provider, in the Denver metropolitan area.  Her primary work responsibility remains there, having served that company and her community for over 25 years.  

     Constance has also previously served her community as the Inaugural Chairperson on a Municipal Public Utilities Advisory Board (from 2015-2019). ...An avid recyclist and resourceful consumer, Constance is passionate about environmental stewardship and smart sustainability. She encourages innovative efforts in conservation, reduction of waste, investing in renewable resources, and intelligence in recycling.

     MADLABZ is fortunate to have her diligence, experience, and attention to detail upon her availability. …And despite the lengthy verbiage above regarding Robert’s background, she is equally extraordinary and clearly his better half.  ;)

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Contact Us:

 ~  For business quotes, inquires, or additional information, please send us a message.  We can answer any questions, send additional information, or schedule an appointment for a more personalized discussion.


* (Disclaimer:  Any information shared will be for internal use only, considered sensitive and confidential, and never shared with any outside organizations.)



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